Mission / Aim

1- To establish and run school , colleges for educational and mental development of all citizens

2- To provide medical facilities to look after the health of all citizens

3- To provide vocational industrial education at those places where the people are yet undeucated

4- To provide training of useful art and craft education specially handicraft to rural and urban men & women so as they
may become   independent  and participate in the development of the society

5- To arrange debates , meetings confrences etc for plantation and protection of enviroment .

6- To establish and run libraries and reading rooms at various places for public

7- To work for the welfare of handicapped , needy persons , poor and widows

8- To promote drug abuse programmers in the social being for preventation of drug abuse and cure of the drug addicts
who are already suffering

9- To provide safe drinking water to poor and backward community in rural area

10- To provide sanitation facialities to rural public

11- To spread adult literacy

12- to increase children park , organise sports activities and other cultural activities and debates for social and physical
upliftment of younger lot