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My Nest

My Nest of India's largest and best* independent youth volunteer non-profit organisations. Our volunteers comprising students and young professionals work for the holistic development of under-privileged children and conservation of the environment in India


 Vision: To help build a more influential, equal and socially conscious society



1- Activities for children education
2- Adult education and socio economic programmes
3- Rural development and poverty alleviation programnmes
4- Vocational training programmes
5- Women development and emprovement programmes
6- Health and family welfare programmes
7- Avtivities for protection of enviroment
8- Activities for safe drinking water
9- To raise , reciive suscriptions , donation from members and local people and to recieve funds to grant from the state and central govt or from other agencies of our country and abroad in view to run the programmes for the benifit of rural and urban slims areas